I began my career managing operations for international media businesses. My success in that field allowed my lifelong interest in real estate to flourish, when I used my earnings to by my first investment property at 26 years of age.

I found I could manage lettings while continuing my "day job" in media; leveraging my salary to build a small portfolio of London rental properties.

So having been a landlord, developer, and property manager on the side, since I made that first investment back in 1997, I decided in 2012 to switch my attention to property full-time, and began trading as Land & Property Realty.

I now live in Australia on the Gold Coast with my wife and son, and my wife manages the portfolio remotely from here, with the assistance of lettings agents over in London. 

As a Queensland certified real estate agent (sales license 3711851), I now help home-seekers, vendors and investors buy and sell real estate on the Gold Coast.

‚ÄčIn 17 years I've learnt alot about property finance, tax, tenants, agents, contractors, the market, and property itself. I am always happy to discuss real estate experience with anyone.


Property Specialist

Chip Lamborn, Implementation Manager at ARAMARK Healthcare

Got to know Julio in his role as our landlord during two years of international assignment in London, UK. Our acclimation to the rental property was greatly facilitated by his attention to detail in providing superbly detailed instruction manuals about the appliances and other townhouse fittings on a CD for us to use as needed. Throughout our tenancy, he was prompt and diligent to respond to minor issues which needed repair or attention. Especially in a foreign culture and city, it was great to have him as a resource to explain non-US boiler systems, and be there to support our transition to make their townhouse our home. Without reservation, I would recommend him in any real estate capacity for his responsiveness and desire to be of service.

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